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Connected with the world is possible and easy by the internet and this connection has become easier by the wireless internet connection. Wherever, you go you can carry wireless internet. Many people are forced the internet always and wireless internet is the best solution for them. They use wireless internet in the smartphone or in the tablet PC. There are many companies provide wireless internet connection which are based on the operators but such internet connection is very expensive to bear. This is why people preferred to use Wi-Fi internet connection which is not very expensive and it is very easy to setup anywhere.
You will enjoy the wireless internet connection if you use a router. A router is used for conversion your regular broadband interconnection to Wi-Fi. If you keep the router in the center of your area or on the suitable place, then you can spread the network to the whole area. So, all of the devices in your area will be covered by the Wi-Fi network. You and your family members can contact the Wi-Fi network at the same time. No one needs to interrupt another. Even they do not need to sit front of the computer for the whole day by one after another one.
A router is not an expensive device and buying this device is very easy. You can choose the device online and purchase based on your area. You must notice the performance of the device when you want to buy. You can know the performance the device from the review from the online stores or blogs. When you will get the router, then you have to prepare yourself for the configuration and setup settings of the router. You have to do all of those things by yourself if you want to make running the device for Wi-Fi.
First, configure the device and then set up settings in the router. The router should be connected to the computer and you can do this using the Ethernet/ USB cable. You can use a wireless adapter if you want to make the connection wirelessly. In every router box, you will get some papers and guide what you should follow for making the connection done properly and reading those papers and guide is important if you want to set up setting in the router flawlessly. After reading those things, you should read for the setup and configuration. I think that you have done the configuration and get ready for the setup settings.
Setup the settings will be done when you log in the router and you can log in the router via an application. If your router manufacturer does not provide an application, then the manufacturer must provide some data what you need to use and you have to use those data on the browser address bar. For using data, you will get default IP address, username, and password. The IP address is main for login and some other uses. You have to type the IP address in the browser address bar and make sure that you have typed the IP address correctly. After typing the IP address, press enter button. If you get an error message from the browser, then you may have done mistake while you have typed the IP address. The wrong formation of the IP address is If your router default IP address is and you have typed, then you have done a serious mistake. You cannot login to the router because of not getting the login form. For getting the form and login to the router, you have to use a correct IP address, username, and password.
You must not use IP address wrong for login and other purposes. You should know what things made the IP address wrong. The IP address is made of all numbers and dots but at the first sight, it is difficult to identify the wrong in this IP address. An IP address is formed into 4 parts but in the false IP address, you will get the IP address becomes into 5 parts. In a correct IP address, you must use 3 dots. The IP address becomes false when you use less or more than 3 dots. 4 dots are used in the false IP address. So, the browser sends error message for use the false IP address on the browser. The browser cannot locate the device where the IP address is set. With this false IP address, you cannot identify the connection status between the router and computer. You should try to fix the IP address or find out the IP address what has been running on the router. You should identify the correct form of the IP address. However, later we will learn what things make an IP address false and you have to know these things.
You can know the correct and current IP address with the “ipconfig” command. This command will be used on the “CMD” page what you can run from the start menu from the computer. On the command prompt page, type the “ipconfig” and press the enter button and you will see the default gateway as an IP address. You can know the default IP address, username, and password behind the router. For this reason, you have to flip the router. You will get all of those things together. You may get those things in the router manual or in the additional paper sheet.
The possibility of the correct IP address is and if the correct IP address is, then you can use the IP address as you want. Type this IP address on the browser address field and proceed properly and you will be login the router. Now you have to setup the internet in the router if you want to use Wi-Fi internet. When you have set up the device properly, then you should think of the Wi-Fi security and the best thing of the Wi-Fi security is enable all of the options or features of Wi-Fi security. You can know the best security features from the manual of the router.
In the IW-Fi security option, you will get Wi-Fi password, SSID Network name, Wi-Fi Encrypted security, and MAC filtering method. If your router supports more features, then you can use all of those features. The router settings security is another step and you can secure the router security by changing the default username and password. To make you skilled about the router and Wi-Fi, you can visit any other website and make sure you must visit YouTube site and manufacturing website and some blogs.